M-Lab Platform Status

M-Lab places server infrastructure for conducting tests in diverse location around the world. Typically we seek hosting in well connected data centers where ISPs interconnect with one another. Each M-Lab “pod” consists of 3-4 servers and one switch, connected directly to an upstream provider. In large metro areas, we attempt to place multiple pods to obtain diversity in transit and routes.

Infrastructure Map

The M-Lab infrastructure map displays information about our server pods around the world. Clusters of M-Lab pods are displayed as dark-blue and light-blue circles with a count of pods in the center. Clicking on a cluster will display a pop up with info about each pod in the cluster. Single small dots show locations with only one server. Clicking on a single pod will display a pop up with info about that pod. Double-click on the map to zoom in, or scroll in and out to zoom.

M-Lab Naming Service

M-Lab Naming Service (mlab-ns) is a distributed service based on Google AppEngine that ‘routes’ test requests from M-Lab measurement tools’ clients to the best M-Lab servers. “Best” is defined by different, client-defined policies. Selecting the proper server for a given measurement is critical to ensure that measurement tests collect robust and meaningful data.

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