Locate API v2

The Locate API v2 provides consistent, expected measurement quality for M-Lab clients. The Locate API v2 provides complete, client usable URLs for measurement services. This means service ports, URL paths, and required HTTP parameters are already embedded in the reply.

TL;DR Find Nearby Measurement Services

The Locate API v2 currently supports two measurement services, with others planned:

  • ndt/ndt5
  • ndt/ndt7
  • wehe/replay (planned)
  • neubot/dash (planned)

The measurement service name (e.g. “ndt”) and type (e.g. “ndt7”) are the last two part of the Locate API v2 request URL. For example:

On success, this request returns a JSON response with a result array. Each result includes the target machine, location, and a set of complete service URLs (urls).

Clients may add additional HTTP parameters to the service URL. However, clients should not remove any existing parameters. In particular, the Locate API v2 includes an access_token= parameter that is validated by the target service. Access tokens are the primary mechanism for ensuring that clients route requests through the Locate API so that global load balancing is possible, and consistent, expected measurement quality is achieved.

  "results": [
      "machine": "mlab2-lga05.mlab-oti.measurement-lab.org",
      "location": {
        "city": "New York",
        "country": "US"
      "urls": {
        "wss:///ndt/v7/download": "wss://ndt-mlab2-lga05.mlab-oti.measurement-lab.org/ndt/v7/download?access_token=",
        "wss:///ndt/v7/upload": "wss://ndt-mlab2-lga05.mlab-oti.measurement-lab.org/ndt/v7/upload?access_token=",

Learning More About the Locate API v2

  • USAGE.md is a technical overview of the Locate API’s capabilities and usage.

  • Locate API Developer Portal is a browser-based “API explorer” user interface that documents resource types and allows developers to experiment with real API requests and responses.

NOTE: to access the Locate API Developer Portal your Google account must be a member of the api-announce@measurementlab.net mailing list.

When accessing the developer portal, you will be asked to login and grant permissions to the app. These permissions only verify that you are a member of the above group.

locate-developer-iam Grant the developer portal permissions to verify that your account is a member of the api-announce@ group

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