Data Visualization Site Upgrade

The M-Lab team completed a major platform upgrade in November 2019, which required publication of NDT data to new BigQuery tables and views. Consequently, the aggregate NDT data presented on our visualization website has not been updated. We’re pleased to report that the M-Lab data visualization site will soon be upgraded.

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Accessible M-Lab NDT data for Internet Performance research during COVID-19

In response to increased reliance on the Internet during the COVID-19 pandemic Measurement Lab, with the support of Internet Society, is dedicated to making our NDT data more accessible so everyone with an interest in Internet Performance can use our data in their research. We started with a visualization of test count and median download speeds in New York, India, and Sao Paulo as an example of what data was available to researchers through BigQuery.

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NDT Unified Views Now Published

In November 2019, M-Lab reached a milestone after upgrading the operating system, virtualization, and TCP measurement instrumentation running on our servers worldwide. The upgrade also included a completely re-written ndt-server, providing backward compatibility to old clients, as well as the new ndt7 protocol. With the change in system architecture and the changes to ndt-server, our team wanted to provide unified, longitudinal views of the data in BigQuery that embed the provenance for all tests.

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New FQDNs for Experiments

Posted by Nathan Kinkade on 2020-05-07

If you have integrated NDT into a client that does not use our Locate Service, please be aware of the following change. If your NDT client uses our Locate Service, you should not notice a change.

Fully Qualified Domain Names for M-Lab experiments will be changing soon.

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