M-Lab and researchers at AFRICOMM-2018 AFRICOMM 2018. Left to right: Amreesh Phokeer (AFRINIC), Josiah Chavula (University of Capetown), Georgia Bullen (M-Lab), Antoine Delvaux (perfSonar), Stephen Soltesz (M-Lab).

In late November 2018, M-Lab was invited to the Internet Measurement Workshop at AFRINIC-29 in Tunisia and to give a keynote about M-Lab and open internet measurement at AFRICOMM 2018 in Senegal. Both trips were a fantastic opportunity to deepen our relationship with researchers focused on the African Internet, learn more about how our platform is serving community needs, foster conversation around open Internet measurement, and identify opportunities for further collaboration, research and tool development to better support the Internet measurement, research and policy community in Africa.

AFRINIC-29 AFRINIC-29. Stephen Soltesz (M-Lab) giving a workshop on working with NDT data in Africa.

Award winning research from Amreesh Phokeer and Josiah Chavula (“Revealing Latency Clusters in Africa”) highlights how Internet routing in Africa often takes paths outside of the continent, significantly impacting end to end latency. To facilitate this type of research, by the end of 2019, M-Lab is committed to deploying CAIDA’s scamper and unifying the BigQuery schema for both scamper and paris-traceroute data.

But you don’t have to wait. You can begin Exploring the African Internet with M-Lab now. If you have ideas, and want to talk through how to work with M-Lab data to support your research and analysis, join our discuss list or email the team.

Working at AFRICOMM AFRICOMM. Internet measurement researchers, brainstorming ideas for working with perfSONAR, M-Lab and other tools to answer their research questions.

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