M-Lab Participates in Internet Measurements Workshop at 2019 African Internet Summit

M-Lab was pleased to be invited to contribute to the Internet Measurements workshop at the 2019 African Internet Summit, June 15-16, 2019 in Kampala, Uganda. M-Lab tech lead, Peter Boothe, and advisor, Georgia Bullen, presented a hands-on tutorial on querying and visualizing performance and routing datasets.

The two-day workshop featured presentations and hands-on sessions from several other Internet measurement initiatives and researchers, including M-Lab:

For M-Lab, the workshop was an opportunity to contribute support and training for researchers interested in studying the Internet using a variety of datasets and tools. In particular our team continued to explore collaborations with other open source measurement intiatives like RIPE, and to meet researchers working with both open platforms in tandem.

The M-Lab session introduced many participants to our platform and datasets, many of whom were more familiar with RIPE Atlas. The workshop presented how M-Lab measurements and platform differ from RIPE, explored what questions could be answered with M-Lab data, and identified key areas of interest from participants, such as:

  • NDT performance measurements
  • Working with ASN data
  • Traceroute data
  • Sidestream data
  • Switch data

AIS 2019 workshop photo 4

The tutorial covered various ways to access and use M-Lab data, including SQL querying in BigQuery and visualizing data using DataStudio. Of particular note was the interest in using M-Lab data to inform use of RIPE Atlas probes.

Our team was thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with researchers and other measurement initiatives at AIS 2019, and are hopeful for future collaborations to follow.

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