Upcoming M-Lab Community Call discussing Latency, Bufferbloat, Responsiveness

Internet performance is often measured by download and upload “speed” but there are other metrics that can help measure connectivity, such as latency, bufferbloat and a more recently discussed metric: responsiveness. Join us next Wednesday, August 25, 2021 from 11am-12:30pm Eastern for a conversation with Internet Measurement researchers with expertise and interest in each of these metrics including:

Matt Mathis, Senior Research Scientist, Measurement Lab, Google

Matt Mathis has been working on Internet performance research and development since 1990. His work includes measurement tools, models and improvements to protocol standards. He participated in M-Lab from its inception in 2009, and came to Google in 2010 to find a larger platform on which to stand.

Dave Taht

Dave Taht and members of the Bufferbloat Project have made vast improvements to the Internet and to WiFi, as described in the book, “Bufferbloat and Beyond”. He has lectured at Stanford and MIT, NANOG, RIPE, USENIX, IEEE, and the IETF. His R&D work on AQM/FQ technologies on the Internet have been integrated into the Linux, OSX, and IOS kernels, cable modems, and many WiFi chips, and he has created and managed Internet improvement initiatives such as CeroWrt, make-wifi-fast, cake, and more. From these projects we have seen major innovations in congestion control algorithms such as BQL, FQ_codel, FQ_pie, and BBR.

Christoph Paasch, Networking Architect, Apple

Christoph Paasch has been working on transport layer networking since 2010. Focusing on extensions to TCP, like Multipath TCP or TCP Fast Open. From specification (in the case of MPTCP) and research to the implementation and large scale deployments at Apple. Lately he has shifted his focus on improving the network properties that really matter to the end-user experience by exposing measurement tools to raise awareness to these issues. “Responsiveness under working conditions” being now the first primary target.

The conversation will be moderated by Lai Yi Ohlsen, Director of Measurement Lab, a fiscally sponsored project of Code for Science & Society.

Our casual conversation will include discussion about the significance of these metrics as well as the challenges their collection presents. We welcome audience questions, answers, challenges, and discussion. The discussion will be technical but no familiarity with M-Lab is required; all we ask is that participants review and respect our [community guidelines][commnuity].

If you have previously RSVP’d to our community calls, you should have already received a calendar invite with a Zoom link included.

If you have not previously RSVP’d, but would like to attend, please do so here and indicate that you’d like to be attended to the “Internet Research” meetings. You’ll be sent a Zoom link shortly after.

Please note that our conversation will be recorded. If you attend, you will be asked to give your consent to being recorded. The recording will be published and distributed openly.

If you have any questions, please send them to laiyi@measurementlab.net.

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