Digital Inclusion @ Home Announcement

National Digital Inclusion Alliance Institute for Local Self-Reliance X-Lab The Marconi Society

As COVID-19’s impact increases globally, more people are working, learning and living online. In partnership with NDIA, X-Lab, ILSR and Marconi Society, Measurement Lab has set up a speed test portal to collect geolocated data with an accompanying survey focused on Digital Inclusion @ Home.

The portal uses Piecewise, an open-source public engagement portal that collects both user-volunteered survey responses and speed test data using the Measurement Lab platform. M-Lab has developed the tool to its current iteration in partnership with several partners over the years, most recently the Michigan Moonshot initiative and the Institute of Local Self Reliance’s research in North Carolina. Piecewise is currently in development to enable its management as a SAAS app by mid 2020. You can read more about our plans for the tool.

You can take the survey and speed test and get more information about the initiative here. If you would like more information about becoming a Supporting Partner, please reach out to

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