Michigan Moonshot Data Collection Pilot Project Launches

M-Lab is excited to highlight the launch of “Michigan Moonshot”, a pilot data collection project developed through a partnership with the MERIT Network, Michigan State University’s Quello Center, and M-Lab. We worked with MERIT developers who adapted the Piecewise codebase to build the Michigan Moonshot website.

More than 360,000 rural homes in Michigan and 27% of K12 students lack access to broadband internet in their homes. This lack of home connectivity creates a “homework gap” between those who can access the Internet to support their schoolwork at home, and those who cannot. ​Merit Network, in partnership with Michigan State University’s Quello Center and Measurement Lab, has developed a plan to address the digital divide in Michigan. Dubbed the “Michigan Moonshot,” Merit’s approach includes access and availability data collection, investigation and community education in regard to infrastructure investment and societal impact studies.

Michigan Moonshot website header image

“Educators have been talking about the “digital divide” for two decades, and while some progress has been made in closing the gap, inequities persist in communities across the country. We are excited to partner with high schools throughout Michigan to take the next step in helping underserved communities achieve broadband internet success,” said Charlotte Bewersdorff, Vice President of Marketing and Member Engagement for Merit Network.

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