Open Call for M-Lab Research Fellows - due Monday, December 6

How can M-Lab’s data and platform be used to improve the experience of the Internet for the end user?

Measurement Lab is seeking three Research Fellows to expand Internet performance research beyond the measurement and optimization for bandwidth. Fellows will utilize M-Lab’s longitudinal, open dataset and/or platform to identify under-recognized Internet performance metrics that can be used to improve end user performance.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Relation between QoE and network metrics like bandwidth/latency/loss
  • Novel metrics that can be computed on existing NDT data
  • New measurements/experiments that could be deployed on M-Lab to diagnose network bottlenecks
  • Characterizing paths measured by M-Lab clients; stability of paths, relation to paths of interest (eg., paths to content) or network characterization
  • Proposals for new experiments to be hosted on the M-Lab platform
  • Identification of biases in M-Lab data
  • Implementing ideas introduced during M-Lab’s Community Call on Latency, Bufferbloat and Responsiveness and/or the IAB workshop on Network Quality


Students, post docs and independent researchers are welcome to apply.

Important dates:

Proposal due: December 6, 2021 Fellowship start: January 1, 2022 Mid-fellowship progress check-in: March 15, 2022 Fellowship end: May 30, 2022 Workshop: May 2022, exact date TBD

To apply please provide:

  1. a two page (12pt single space) description of the research project, including a brief timeline for completing the work,
  2. the applicant’s CV
  3. a brief summary of the applicant’s experience & background.

Applications will be reviewed for feasibility of the project plan, qualifications of the researcher and demonstrated understanding and relevance to the stated goals of the fellowship.

Applications should be sent to by December 6, 2021 23:59 in the applicant’s local time zone.

The M-Lab Research Fellowship is made possible by the generous support of Internet Society.

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