Explore M-Lab data using the new RIPEstat widgets

Are you the kind of person who wonders…

  • What’s the bandwidth distribution among Internet users within a specific country or network?
  • How are active users of a specific network geographically spread?
  • How are active users spread within a specific IP address block?

It’s your lucky day! It’s now possible to investigate these and similar questions using two new RIPEstat widgets, which provide unique and compelling ways to visualize M-Lab’s data. RIPEstat is a web-based interface developed by the RIPE NCC, featuring visualization widgets and data APIs dedicated to making sense of Internet data. RIPEstat now includes:

  • The Observed Network Activity widget, which shows the distribution of actively used IP addresses within a specific country or network, during a user-defined time period. An IP address is considered “active” if it originated an NDT test.
  • The Observed Bandwidth Capacity widget, which shows the bandwidth distribution within a specific country or network during a user-defined time period, as measured by NDT.

As a random example, check out the bandwidth distribution in Germany (the top chart) and the distribution of active users within (the bottom chart).

These widgets are a great example of the power of open network data, like M-Lab’s.

Want more? Go for it!

For more information about the widget, see the RIPEstat launch blogpost.

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